The journey of Motherhood is a transformative time for everyone who experiences it.  The purpose of The Light House is to create a space where meaningful and supportive connections naturally occur.  We believe that commitment to community, education and holistic health are the fundamental pillars of modern Motherhood. The Light House illuminates local resources that are leaders in all of these areas. Together, we can all build a thriving community that ensures happy, healthy generations to come.



Hi, I'm Lauren!  I was born here in sunny Long Beach but spent my formative years on the East Coast.  Like most young overly ambitious 20-somethings, I rushed back to Los Angeles after college with a lot of grit and very little idea of what was ahead.  I bounced around from Santa Monica to the South Bay and everywhere in between.  Eventually the pull of Long Beach was too strong and my husband and I moved here to have our first child.  I feel fortunate to be living in this amazing city that is filled with diversity, creativity and spirit.  All of us live in a very complicated time and my intention with The Light House is to create a space that is simple, inviting and fun because it's what I crave and it is what all Moms deserve.  
(Photo by Lorely Meza)