TLH Gathering: Making Your Own Beauty Products

If you're anything like me, the idea of making your own skin products on top of working, cleaning, cooking and squeezing in a simple work out sounds daunting.  Too many Pinterest boards, not enough time to actual DO the thing.  Well, in fact, I (and perhaps you too) was wrong!  My incredible friend Beth Giles (whom you've met here + here) and I chatted a bit ago about how to make the approach to making natural beauty products at home more inviting.

It was a simple idea.  It was decided that I would bring the wine, food and design.  Beth would bring the teachings, essential oils and ingredients for the beauty products.  So we did!  And the results turned out to be a lovely evening of discussion, relaxation and a bit of intention sharing with an intimate group of local Moms.  My gal Lyndsey captured the scene at Wild Child Party Shop earlier that afternoon before everyone arrived.  

Kendall of Wild Heart Rentals provided a slew of the gorgeous decor furnishings you see in these images including the vintage brass candle sticks above.  Later that night the candles were lit for an inviting space for the amazing guests.  

For the lounge seating, I knew the ladies at Witty Rentals were the ones to call for the best cushions, rugs, + pillows.  Their hand-picked pieces complimented the tone of the event perfectly.
The food was a mix of my favorite bites from Figgy Bakery, farmer's market fruit and bites from Sprouts (home away from home these days!)

It was a fun evening and my hope is to develop a rhythm with our events series over the upcoming months.  If you missed our inaugural gathering, we hope to see you soon at the next one!  The goal of each event is simple - create space for each other to just BE.  As a Mother, that can be a huge luxury.  We want to make it easy for you to sit back, drink wine, commune and relax!

This event of course would have remained just a blissful daydream if it wasn't for the incredible women who supported it - Jolie, Beth, Tiff + Chels, Kendall, Rachel + Lynsdey.  Love you all dearly!

xx Lauren