When it comes to having a child, it often feels like the information is omnipresent and much of it is overwhelming!  With this vetted guide you'll find resources for local Pre-Natal classes and specialists along with a few of our favorite Early Education resources for your little ones.  
This list has been carefully crafted and will be updated often. Be sure to check out the Calendar page for ways to connect, too! 



Practical Parent Talk 

Kathy Salazar's Practical Parent Talk classes may focus on your little one's behavior and communication style but you will leave each session feeling better yourself.  Her warm style allows nervous parents to quickly relax while feeling empowered to make better decisions when navigating daily life with toddlers.  Kathy splits her time between Long Beach and St. Louis and offers group classes as well as private sessions.  Highly recommend! 


Your Natural Childbirth

Whether you are a first time Mother or preparing for the birth of your second (or third, or more!) child, Lia Berquist is someone you should consult.  Since 2011 she has teaching The Bradley Method childbirth classes in Long Beach.  She passionately believes in empowering Mothers and their birthing partners through positive and balanced education, to give birth in the most natural way possible.  


The Family Nest 

The Family Nest welcomes parents and their little ones as young as 16 months old.  Maria and her team have carved out a very unique space for families to immerse their children in bilingual play time.  The Reggio Emilia inspired programing allows children to explore and play at their own pace while learning the basic Spanish and English language cues.  A true gem in Long Beach. 
*TLH suggests checking out a few of their weekly class offerings to find the perfect fit.  Sign-up is required and can be done through their site!