Taking care of our health is one of the best gifts we can give our children and ourselves.  We have included our favorite spots that are welcoming to pregnant Mothers, new Mothers and Mothers who are eager to jump back into a routine.  We have also outlined some key members of the community who offer classes on essential oils, meditation, alternative health methods - all of which are critical for us to be tuned into.
This list is carefully curated and updated often. Be sure to check out the Calendar page too for ways to connect this month. 



Beth Giles of The Salvage Life 

With grace and beauty, Beth shares her daily stories on social media that leave us often wondering "how does she do it all?"  She holds extensive knowledge about essential oils, healthy cooking for the whole family and sustainable living.  She often shares about local spots that are best for clean eating and vintage shopping, too.  Many of Beth's essential oil class times are posted on her Instagram page and often on our calendar.  Be sure to check them out! 

Jocelyn Miller of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 

Sacred Roots is perfectly placed on busy Redondo Avenue in Belmont Heights.  Jocelyn is one of the center's founders and is a Mother herself.  In addition to being an established massage therapist and yoga instructor, Jocelyn also leads the programming at Sacred Roots.  Offerings range from massage therapy, ayurvedic consultations, reiki meditations and more. 
TLH recommends the 6-week Sacred Self-Care course offered multiple times a year at the center.  A time for reflection and renewal for all Mothers and like-minded members of the community.  

Bar Method Long Beach 

It is no secret that Mothers experience tremendous changes to their bodies during and after pregnancy.  It can be a vulnerable time that requires a lot of motivation to keep moving.  That is where the inviting team at Bar Method come in.  A welcoming environment, a friendly studio and multi-level offerings allow each person to work at their own pace.  In addition, this low-impact work out is a great for increasing flexibility, strengthening core and helping with lower back pain (we can all have less of this in our busy lives).  

Purple Yoga  

Conveniently located in the Market Place shopping center, Purple Yoga offers numerous classes that support pregnant Mothers and healing ones, too.  They offer over 50 classes a week at the Long Beach location including $10 community classes that are a great option for those new to the studio or if you want to dip your toe into a new class without a big commitment.
TLH suggests the Restorative class that caters to all levels.  It's strong use of blocks and blankets allows your mind and body release calmly - the finest spa-like treatment for under $20.