One of the strongest pillars of personal health is proper nourishment.  For some, this practice comes easy.  For many, it is a daily challenge that can be even harder with little one's and their fluctuating taste buds.  We have included our favorite restaurants and local Mothers who share their passion for nutrition and inspire us all in the process.  



Salud Juice

The attention to detail that goes into each bottle of cold-pressed juice is always noticeable at Salud.  Their staff at both Long Beach locations is super friendly and willing to explain the how's, why's and when's of their full product line.  Many of their juices are kid friendly and their new lunch menu is addictive, so be careful.  
TLH recommends the Purple Rain for a delicious evening treat or whenever you need a splash of calm.  

Figgy Bakery 

Figgy knows baking.  They know kids.  And they know how to bake for kids (and their parents)!  Rachel, the owner of Figgy Bakery, specializes in small batch treats using whole foods and organic ingredients.  She can also tailor the recipes to compliment a low-sugar or gluten-free diet without skimping on taste.  Yah, we are big fans.  

Veggie Grill 

Time is precious and Veggie Grill gets that.  It is hard to believe that this fast service restaurant is actually part of a California-based chain.  They put extra care into every order and their plant-based menu could not be more family friendly.  For busy Mothers, this place is a must (order from their app to save even more time).